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Eight Ways Everyone Can Make Money from E-sport

When you read this blog, you will often hear that e-sport is the future, not just competition-wise but also money-wise. The discipline is attracting more money by the day. What’s even better? The money is there for everyone- including you! Now, that is not a term you will hear often during these times. The internet … Read more

A podium for 1, 2, 3 winners

E-sports Tips for The Aspiring Pro

As sporting as we have always known it is turned upside down, e-sports stand to benefit. With the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, a lot of sports that required people to come together were suspended. Even as they resume, it appears they cannot operate the same way they did before. This leaves e-sport as a … Read more

E-Sports Set To Be a Medal Sport at Asia 2022 Games

E-sports have again scored a major win as its disciplines are incorporated as medal sports. The sport is going to be a medal-recognised category beginning with the Asia 2022 games. E-sports that will be held in Hangzhou in 2022 have already attracted 27 National Olympic Committees in the e-sports categories. Initially, e-sport was a demonstration … Read more

Best e-Sports Tournaments by prize money

E-Sports tournaments are increasingly becoming popular. Like in any other kind of sports, there are those competitions that are more coveted than others. This happens for different reasons like hype, gameplay quality, or, most obviously, the available prize money. The biggest tournaments also attract the biggest bets because they involve the best players. Going by … Read more

The Top Five Games in e-sport

The Top Five Games in the e-sporting industry E-sports are considered pretty new in the sporting world. With over a decade in the market now, however, that tag is gradually fading away. There are enough titles in the industry to know which ones players are enthusiastic about and those that are not so lit. Here are … Read more

A guide to betting on e-sports

A guide to betting on e-sports E-sports are arguably the youngest sporting discipline in the world- so young that some regions have not even admitted them officially as ‘real’ sports. That, however, has not stopped them from recording exponential growth in the betting world. The growth has especially gained a surge in the first half … Read more

The toughest e-sports tournaments

The toughest e-sports tournaments for pro gamers As popularity and professionalism in e-sports grow, tournaments continue becoming tougher and tougher. The toughness of an e-sport tournament can be gauged based on the qualification process, the kind of sponsorship it attracts and the winning margins. Based on these factors, here are the toughest e-sports tournaments on the globe: … Read more

Male Dominance in Lol Finals

Male Dominance Takes Centre Stage Once Again in Lol Finals The place of women in e-sports took came to question once again as China’s FPX overcame Europe’s G2 in the League of Legends final. Both teams of five that faced off in front of a 15,000 crows at the Accor Hotels Arena in Paris, France, were made … Read more

Serious Money at Stake as E-sport legends Face Off

Serious Money at Stake as Europe, China E-sport legends Face Off The story of e-sports keeps getting juicier. The newest discipline in the sporting world has received another boost as the best from Europe and China fight it out for an over 1million USD purse. The November 10 2019 battle took place in France and … Read more

Number of E-sports Pros Rises

Number of E-sports Pros Rises as China Continues to Lead the Way in Normalisation The number of professional e-sports players in China keeps on rising, just months after the country accepted the discipline as a normal sport. It was reported that over 100,000 individuals had entered the records as professionals by July 2019. This number … Read more